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Progressive Air Group and Brant Aero Partner to Expand Service Offerings Throughout Eastern Canada

October 28, 2015

Two of Canada’s most established aviation companies team up to provide expanded avionics, aircraft and engine maintenance services to their customers and manufacturing partners Brantford, Ontario, (September 29, 2015)  — In a joint partnering agreement, Progressive Air Group and Brant Aero announced today that they have teamed up to expand their combined services and products offerings to piston and turbine aircraft operators in eastern Canada. As part of this partnership, Progressive Air will set up a staffed parts depot at Brant Aero’s hanger location at Brantford Airport (CYFD), Ontario (45 minutes west of Toronto).  Additionally, Progressive will stock a select piston engine accessory core pool onsite. “There are tremendous opportunities around Ontario and we are thrilled to work with such a well-respected company as Brant Aero to serve our expanding customer base.

Bud and Pat Field have spent 43 years building an exceptionally strong technical team and like Progressive, they have built their company with an emphasis on customer support,” Todd Collins, CEO of Progressive Air Group of Companies said. “We are all excited to see what we can accomplish when we combine an extraordinary avionics and maintenance company like Brant Aero, with Progressive Air Group’s established position as an international aviation parts distribution company and engine accessories shop.”

“It is really exciting for us to be part of a project of this magnitude. We’ve been customers of Progressive Air Group for decades and it just seemed like a natural fit to partner up and complement each other’s unique skill sets,” stated Bud Field, President of Brant Aero. “With Brant’s years of avionics and on-wing maintenance, and Progressive’s decades of experience with engines, engine accessories, combined with an extensive parts distribution network, we will provide a full service package for our customers” Rob Wharf, President for Progressive Air Group also announced that Corey Anderson would be returning to the company to head up the “Progressive Air East” initiative.

“Corey was part of the Progressive Air Team for 10 years, and last served as Production Manager and Engine Inspector before taking a sabbatical in Australia,” Wharf said. “In his new role, Corey will relocate to Ontario and be the General Manager overseeing the expanding eastern operations.” “Corey is the perfect candidate to offer parts advice to our joint customers,” he said. “Not only does he have a broad knowledge of engine parts and accessories, but has the expertise to provide guidance on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting due to his extensive engine overhaul experience.”

About the Brant Aero Brantford Air Centre Limited (operating as Brant Aero) is a 43-year-old family-owned company located in Brantford, Ontario at the Brantford Municipal Airport, CYFD. Brant Aero is a Transport Canada certified AMO, #10-74 and SMS Compliant. They represent all leading avionics manufacturers, specialize in aircraft sales and maintenance, import and export aircraft from around the world. From simple upgrades and repairs to full panel overhauls, their avionics services include design, installation, maintenance and repairs of most avionics systems on the market today. They are also an authorized Cessna authorized service facility and have turbine engine maintenance capabilities. For more information, visit: http://www.brantaero.com/

About the Progressive Air Group of Companies

Based in Kamloops, British Columbia and founded 41 years ago, the Progressive Air Group of Companies (PAG) is the parent company of Progressive Air Services (a global aircraft engine parts distributor), Pro Aero Aviation Ltd. (certified aircraft engine and accessories repair/overhaul), and Aero Sport Power (experimental aircraft engines). The companies employ 34 licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs), Technicians, Machinists and support personnel to provide the best service experience for its broad array of clients across North America and the world. For more information, visit: www.progressiveair.com, www.proaeroav.com or www.aerosportpower.com

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