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Aero Sport Power Introduces the New 200+ Horsepower 382-WILDCAT Engine

Aero Sport Power will be the exclusive global assembler and distributor of the 382-WILDCAT Engine for the experimental aircraft and helicopter markets.

Rob Wharf, Owner/President of Aero Sport Power Ltd., are excited to introduce the new 200 PLUS-horsepower, 382-WILDCAT Engine. “Delivering over 200-horsepower on the dyno, the new 382-WILDCAT engine fills a much needed gap in this segment of the homebuilt engine market,” Wharf said. “It’s what builders have been asking for and now we’re very excited to introduce this exceptional new engine to our global customer base.”

Collins explained that the 382-WILDCAT engine brings a number of advancements to this segment of the market. In particular, he said that Aero Sport Power has partnered with Superior Air Part’s engineering team to fine-tuned the 382-WILDCAT’s bore and stroke to optimize the engine’s performance across the entire power range.

Scott Hayes, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc. explained. “The 382 also has a new damped counter-weighted crankshaft that enables builders to optimize the engine’s performance when using a lighter-weight propeller. That means they get the benefits of greater performance, while having the same overall weight and balance location of a less powerful engine.”

In addition to the new damped crankshaft, the 382-WILDCAT, offers builders a number of other design and manufacturing benefits including a number of Superior’s XP-Engine components:

Rob Wharf: “By the way it sounds you can tell that the Aero Sport Power 382-WILDCAT is a new breed of engine. We’ve built three 382-WILDCATs for customers so far, and they have purred during their test runs.”

Aero Sport Power 382-WILDCAT Engine Specifications:

Engine Dimensions:

382-WILDCAT: A New Breed of Experimental Engine

“We also felt that the announcement of the new 382-WILDCAT would be the ideal time to unveil Aero Sport Power’s new branding efforts for our family of unique engines for the homebuilt aircraft and helicopter markets,” Collins said. “The 382-WILDCAT is just the first of a growing line of high-quality performance engines for the kit-built aircraft and helicopter markets.

Wharf explained that Aero Sport Power will have a 382-WILDCAT on display at both Sun N’ Fun and Oshkosh 2015. Aero Sport Power is taking 382-WILDCAT engine orders now. Call our Aero Sport Power Sales Team at 1-877-376-0861 to learn more.