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Engine Special Only One Left Ready For Shipping

New O-375-C2A (195 HP) Engine Includes


Continental Aerospace Nickel Carbide Cylinders with Tappered Barrel Fins, 7.8:1 Pistons for Use With 91 Octane Fuel, Dual P-Mags and Auto harness, Spark Plugs, Marvel Scheler Carburator, Flat Tappet Camshaft and Lifters, Connecting Rods, Balanced Hollow Crankshaft, Conical Crankcase, Ring Gear Support, Inner Cylinder Baffles and Vacuum Pump Adapter Housing. Standard engine colour choices; Red.

** No fuel pump, sump/pipes, dipstick and tube, starter.

Fixed Pitch (C2A) Outright


Continental Aerospace Components $32,700.00 USD
Add Magnesium Updraft Sump $1500.00 USD
Add Superior Cold Air Sump (FI Only) $1850.00 USD
Upgrade to Fuel Injection $2100.00 USD
Add Sky-Tec Starter $500.00 USD